4-Pack Replacement Kenmore / Sears 10650524100 Refrigerator Water Filter

Replacement Kenmore / Sears 10650524100 Refrigerator Water Filter, Quantity: 4. Replaces 46-9002 Fridge Water Filter Cartridge. NSF 42 certified refrigerator water filter retains beneficial nutrients in water while removing the taste of chlorine and odor leaving you with a fresh and clean tasting water. Reduces waterborne contaminants including cysts, asbestos, particulates, lead, mercury without removing beneficial minerals & restricting the flow rate of the water. Cut down water bottle waste and save money while also helping the environment by using water filters. For the highest quality water and best contaminant reduction replace the filter every 6 months. On Sale for a Limited Time!   SKU: 288261046 Manufacturer: Denali Pure Currency: USD Condition: Instock: in-stock Promotional offer: Price: $64.99